Tea Bags

September 2, 2022

A work in process. Tea bags dyed with various forms of indigo pigment: fresh leaf dye bath; remnants from processing paste and powder; fructose vat dips. Further exploration of tea bag prayer flags.

June 2, 2022

This work is done using tea bags as the paper source. Some of the paper is dyed only via making tea, some is over-dyed with additional tea or plant material. In some cases I’ve then used the paper for printing an encaustic collagraph plate and/or embellishing with pencil or pen.

‘Tea Bag Prayer Flags’ is currently part of a virtual exhibit at Verum Ultimum, Portland, OR:
‘STRATA: Manifesting Through the Layers’. https://www.verumultimumartgallery.com/strata
It is one of a series of pieces, still evolving, using tea-dyed tea bags as prayer flags to honor the forests.

The other pieces in this post are part of a series, still evolving, on the elements of life.

Please click on each image to see the piece in its entirety.

Tea Bag Prayer Flags, 2022 © Cheryl Ramette
Currently on exhibit at ‘STRATA’: Manifesting Through the Layers (a virtual exhibit), Verum Ultimum, Portland, OR

February 6, 2022

The tea bag journey continues. These are pieces of rice paper, folded and dyed/impressed with Thai turmeric tea bags. Top left, multiple repositioning of the bags, refolding, damping, and pressing. Top middle, folding and placing in the square foil envelope in which the tea bags are packaged. Some residue remains in the envelope. These papers were folded, dampened, and repositioned in the envelope multiple times. Both are very fragile! So I’m thinking of stitching them together, and perhaps some kind of hand rubbed print. Top right, Thai turmeric tea bags after using to drink the tea, then to impress and dye paper, opened, used tea discarded. Bottom, Thai turmeric impressed and dyed rice paper, just one pressing.

February 5, 2022

Tea Bag Prayer Flags. Top, idea and series I’m working on. Slowly. Which I suppose is the way to work on a prayer flag series made from tea bags. I want to do a simple line drawing print on these to represent earth, water, fire, air, mineral, plant, animal. Bottom, considering stitching these together into a large piece, some bags printed with fresh indigo leaves and other things, maybe draw on some, maybe …