I’m a printmaker by training and love to draw. But I also love to mess around, to go to my studio and make stuff using whatever inspiration, materials, or explorations are appealing to my imagination and moment. Since last year I’ve gotten intrigued with growing indigo and using the fresh or powdered leaves to dye fabric and paper. Here are a few recent examples.

late summer hydrangea
pencil, colored pencil

A friend, Eva MacLowry, and I have been making ‘art cards’ for over a decade. These are small 5 X 4 inch cards with designs made from paper I’ve hand painted, and attached with thread and small beads. Here are a few examples, although each card is unique and no two are ever alike.

Here are a few examples of my other work. The first two, “Transcription” and “She Flies Free” were done as part of the “We Are Water” exhibits in Northfield, MN this summer. “WAW” was a statewide event during the entire year of 2019 offering education, art, performance, and interactive activities to help people connect with the important role of water in our live.

“Transcription”, Lino cut print on wood with watercolor, 2019.

“She Flies Away”, Lino cut print on rice paper, 2019.

There’s lots of corn here in southeastern Minnesota, corn and soybean fields as far as the eye can see. I missed the visual variety of Oregon so much during my first year that I decided I had to make peace with the corn, and did several drawings of a stock laid out on my drawing table.

“Corn”, pencil and colored pencil on paper, 2018.

The following images are based on some gorgeous flower mandalas I saw in Phuket, Thailand at a resort which were made fresh each day in huge clay pots filled with water.

“Flower Mandalas”, wood block print on paper with colored pencil, current project.

One of my favorite pieces, created on a plate that had previously been marked with acid which I worked with to develop an image. It was a fun and challenging task to not begin with a “clean slate” is it were, and to pull out an image.

“Plant Life”, copper plate etching on paper, 1973.

Another of my favorites done long ago. I remember sitting on the front steps of the Art Department at Oregon State University on a beautiful spring day and carving this partly from the visual of a nearby cherry tree, partly with my imagination leading.

“Spring”, wood block print on paper, 1972.

My dad and I stayed here for a couple nights when I was a teenager. A magical place on Lake Superior with no electricity, and plenty of outdoor adventure.

“Sand Island Lighthouse”, wood block print on rice paper, block 1974, this print 2015.