Art has always been a part of my life, my first and last love. I’ve never pursued it professionally, preferring to have it as my life-saver activity and way to explore my imagination and creative musings.

Movement is my other love. Over the past 60+ years my movement journey has been varied, at times a profession, at times just my own desire to feel myself in my body and to experience the world around me. I’ve always been most interested in exploring movement that helps me feel grounded and alive, movement that helps me learn more about this incredible physical form I inhabit as a human being, and thus helps me to be at home in myself – as compared to dedicating myself to any specific form of movement. And so, I’ve studied dance (ballet, tap, jazz, modern, African, pedestrian), gymnastics, swimming & diving, skiing, chi gong, yoga, pilates, myofascial release, and most recently – somatics. Somatic exercise has risen to the top as ‘the missing link’ in experiencing comfort, ease, and freedom of movement. You can read more about this in the “soma” section.

Now, as a Clinical Somatics Educator certified through Essential Somatics professional training program, I know how to teach people movement practices that supports them in learning to relieve pain and bring a new found experience of ease-ful movement often beyond anything before felt. I am also a certified Stott Pilates mat and reformer instructor.

Cheryl Ramette
artist, somatic educator
Certified Clinical Somatics Educator (ESCCSE)
Certified Stott Pilates Instructor