Sessions Classes and Workshops


Currently, I am living just outside Northfield, MN and teach individual session from my home. Details below.

I also offer two classes each week aat the FiftyNorth Center in Northfield:

Somatic Movement: Mondays 6pm – 7pm.

Pilates: Thursdays 4:30-5:30pm

You can get information about how to take these classes at the center. From time to time, I also offer class series or workshops. Stay tuned!

Individual Soma Sessions are designed to give each person the deeper, lasting effects of a Hanna Somatics clinical hands-on protocol for each of the reflex arcs (green light, red light, and trauma). During the initial and subsequent soma series I provide assisted pandiculation to movement in all planes that releases tight patterns in the center of the body, thus also releasing tension in the limbs and neck. In additional soma sessions we will explore further assisted pandiculation and home practice exercises specific to your needs. NOTE: The initial + five, or an Introduction to Somatics Basics Workshop are required prior to taking classes & other workshops.

* The INITIAL SESSION is 90 minutes, $95.
* The SOMA SERIES (next 5 sessions after initial session) are 1 hour each,  $75 per session.
Further SOMA SESSIONS are 50 minutes each, $60 per session.

…a note about pilates…
Pilates, taught and practiced well, is a wonderful form of exercise that provides strength, tone, balance, and coordination.  After nearly fifteen years of teaching experience, mostly at Portland’s premier studio, Pacific NW Pilates, I’m now focusing most of my attention on Hanna Somatics. However, I am happy to incorporate some mat pilates for toning up with ease and grace. Just ask, and we’ll add it to your class or session!