Cheryl Ramette; Somatic Exercise for Comfort, Ease & Freedom, Cheryl Ramette, 2015, self published on
This is my contribution to supporting the people I teach in developing a home practice using the basic somatic exercises as a base upon which to explore. The book includes an overview of the purpose and benefits, an outline of the reflexes addressed, and an illustrated guide to the movements that make up what Hanna termed “The Daily Cat Stretch”.  The book is in my voice, with my photos and teaching cues. You can see and order my book HERE.

Thomas Hanna; Somatics – reawakening the mind’s control of movement, flexibility, and health, Thomas Hanna, 1988, DaCapo Long Life publications; The Body of Life – Creating New Pathways for Sensory Awareness and Fluid Movement, Thomas Hanna, 1979, Healing Arts Press.
Thomas Hanna is the originator of Hanna Somatics, the tradition upon which Essential Somatics is based. These books are, in my opinion, the best ‘source documents’ available as Hanna was the originator the approach to  somatic education and movement I have chosen to learn and to teach. Both books are interesting and mind expanding reads which will fill you in on the origins of somatics education and movement, and fill you with hope about the possibility of living well to a ripe old age. Hanna was a philosophy professor who was fascinated with evolution and freedom – his love for both shine through in his writing.

Martha Peterson; Move without Pain, Martha Peterson, 2011, Sterling Press.
Martha, a certified Hanna Somatics Educator, is an international teacher and speaker and the owner of Essential Somatics. She is my mentor and teacher.  Her book is an easy to read reference guide to Hanna based somatics and provides instruction for laying, sitting, and standing somatic exercises including 5, 10, 15, and 30 minute series suggestions. Martha is down to earth, clear, and committed to bringing this work into the lives of everyone. No kidding!

Lawrence Gold, Hanna Somatics Educator
Lawrence is one of Thomas Hanna’s original trainees and one of the bearer’s of the Somatology vision. He considers himself to be a master educator, and he is,  with a plethora of written and recorded educational and philosophical papers, and a wide variety of cd’s and dvd’s.

Resources available on the Web:

Thomas Hanna’s website: Association for Hanna Somatics
Although Hanna is no longer with us, his work continues through this organization which continues to offer trainings and a variety of cds and dvds. Hanna’s original cds are invaluable in hearing him explain and teach the exercises. They are spendy, but a great way to gain insight into his thinking process as he philosophizes while he teaches.

Martha Peterson’s website: Essential Somatics
Martha’s website is a wealth of information, short videos, and suggestions for somatic exercise for almost every part of the body. Her blog focuses on specific, common muscle tightness issues and how to resolve them with movement.

Lawrence Gold’s website: Somatics