Art Masks

Quixotic Quarantine Art Mask Project

My response to this time in which we are living.

I’m making a series of ‘art masks’
along side daily making of functional masks for humanity
during the time of love in covid.
The ‘art-masks’ are ethereal, impractical, and idealistic.
Quixotic in nature.

The materials I’m using are things I have around.
Prints, paintings, drawings I’ve done.
Fabric, ribbon, beads, buttons, thread I’ve collected.
There is a story in each.

The most recent one is the first you will see.
Every day I don’t think I have more creative juice.
And then I do.


Day Nineteen

Quixotic Quarantine Mask XVIIII
© Cheryl Ramette, November 16, 2020

organic silk, wool mohair yarn
hand spun, hand dyed with fresh indigo
fresh water pearl beads, beads, copper thread
silk backing & ties hand dyed with fresh indigo


Day Eighteen

Quixotic Quarantine Mask XVIII
© Cheryl Ramette, June 24, 2020

plastic two tone woven netting


Day Seventeen

Quixotic Quarantine Mask XVII
© Cheryl Ramette, May 13, 2020

natural linen
natural indigo dye, 4 dips
shibori technique
hand fringed
shibori thread
polished aluminum

coincidental raccoon eyes


Day Sixteen

Quixotic Quarantine Mask XVI
© Cheryl Ramette, May 13, 2020

hand fringed
hemp thread
hemp pulls
glass beads

more vintage silk from kimono
finally finding its way into view


Day Fifteen

Quixotic Quarantine Mask XV
© Cheryl Ramette, May 10, 2020

hand fringed
hand sewn

fringing takes hours and threads

nest of threads and hours


Day Fourteen

Quixotic Quarantine Mask XIIII
©Cheryl Ramette, April 29, 2020

hand water-marked, fringed, sewn

welcome, little darling, for all the people who are having babies right now


day thirteen

Quixotic Quarantine Mask XIII
© Cheryl Ramette, May 27, 2020

vintage silk kimono fabric
appliquéd gold netting and silk pear
edging, thread

Started as a pillow cover ages ago.


day twelve

Quixotic Quarantine Mask XII
© Cheryl Ramette, April 27, 2020

Paper, paint, ink, pencil
Lace paper
Thread, pearlized beads

Flower Mandalas on Phuket, where the ladies of the morning gather and create magic.


day eleven

Quixotic Quarantine Mask XI
© Cheryl Ramette, April 24, 2020

organic cotton bandana
hand tied and plant dyed with logwood
grosgrain velvet infused ribbon

You never know who you will friend up with in a natural dye class.


day ten

Quixotic Quarantine Mask X
© Cheryl Ramette, April 23, 2020

Ink on paper

Decades of sunrises in one place.


day nine

Quixotic Quarantine Mask IX
© Cheryl Ramette, April 22, 2020

linoleum print on packaging paper
bias tape
vintage buttons, beads

What do you do with all the art you make?


day seven, and eight

Quixotic Quarantine Mask VIII
© Cheryl Ramette, April 20, 2020

ink on vellum
machine stitched
golden cotton thread ties

I call it Rapunzel.


day six

Quixotic Quarantine Mask
© Cheryl Ramette, April 19, 2020

peacock feathers painstakingly woven into …
cotton backing
glass beads 
velvet lazer cut ribbon

Whew. Going back to the simpler approach tomorrow.


day five

Quixotic Quarantine Mask V
© Cheryl Ramette, April 17, 2020

wood block print
hand rubbed onto rice paper
crepe paper ties
beads, thread

Wood block. Where I began.


day four

Quixotic Quarantine Mask IV
© Cheryl Ramette, April 16, 2020

hand fringed cotton
humanity turning upside down ribbon
lazer cut velvet ribbon ear straps 
hand stitched iridescent beadwork 

I’ve had this human figure piece of ribbon for a long long time and figured its time had come.


day three

Quixotic Quarantine Mask III
© Cheryl Ramette, April 15, 2020

Mixed media on paper
linoleum block print
watercolor, ink
organic linen boule 
glass beads
aluminum nose piece

I’ve had this linen boule for ages and didn’t know how to use it.


day two

Quixotic Quarantine Mask II
© Cheryl Ramette, April 14, 2020

Plant dyed and impressed cotton
Glass beads
Hand stitched center
Handmade bias ties

Eva. My art card friend. This is for you.


day one

Quixotic Quarantine Mask I
© Cheryl Ramette, April 13, 2020

Natural plant dyed & plant impressed organic linen
Hand frayed edges
Hand sewn pleats with copper thread, pearlized beads
Gold painted crepe paper ties

Hand sewing. Always and forever.